Sound Of Spitfire Internet Radio
Sound Of Spitfire Internet Radio
The Station You All Deserve
Sound Of Spitfire Internet Radio
Sound Of Spitfire Internet Radio
The Station You All Deserve

The Sound Of Spitfire Presenters

SoundofSpitfire is presented entirely by a team of volunteers with a wide mix of musical taste and experience.  With a blend of ex-Pirate Radio DJs, ex-Commercial Station DJs, Musicians, Disco Jockeys and enthusiastic amatuers, SoundOfSpitfire brings you a wide range of presentation styles with something to suit most peoples taste.

Live Show Presenters

Chris Hyde is the Station Manager and Owner of SoundofSpitfire.  Chris has a wide taste in music that suits most ears.  Usually found on the Friday Night Club and Goldmine Aftermath Show, Chris also presents a range of live and pre-recorded shows on most days of the week.  The best ways to interact with Chris during shows is via The Goldmine Listener Messenger Group on Facebook or via Twitter @SoundofSpitfire or @ChrisSpitfire1

Mike Watts is our very own ex-Pirate DJ.  With a wide musical knowledge, Mike can be guaranteed to play music that you seldom hear on mainstream radio.  Having launched, ran and presented on numerous community stations in the past this is Mike's first venture into purely internet broadcasting.  Mike's shows are The Goldmine, Overdrive, Sunday Love Songs and The Friday Morning Show.  The best way to contact Mike during showtime is via The Goldmine Listener Messenger Group via Facebook.

Martin Hodgkin has a wide experience in Radio.  After leaving a commercial FM station in 2019, Martin joined SoundofSpitfire and started presenting a Sunday Afternoon Music Mix Show and Thursday evening Classic Rock Show.  Martin thrives on listener interaction, if you want a request playing, Martin is sure to help!  Contact Martin via his Classic Rock Messenger Group on Facebook or via Twitter @mastermindaa11

Colin Guy is SoundofSpitfire's Vinyl Magician!  With a huge collection of vinyl 45s & 33s, cassettes and 8-track cartridges, he brings a touch of analogue to the modern internet radio.  Colin has been a  DJ for many years and with his passion for radio, the opportunity to join SoundofSpitfire in 2020  was too good to miss. The Bluebell Virtual Vinyl Show (so named after a regular slot he did at the Bluebell Inn) is on Wednesday evening.  Colin can be contacted via the Goldmine Listener Messenger Group via Facebook 

Pre-Recorded Show Presenters

Catflea Massacre is the presenter of The Catflea Massacre Ska & Reggae Show which first airs every Wednesday evening.  With a very unique style, Catflea treats you to a musical feast playing a wide-range of Ska & Reggae classics and brand new releases.  Catflea has been with SoundofSpitfire since 2018.  In early 2020 he released a series of Dub Circus Specials, a must listen for Dub fans and these air late night on Wednesday.  Catflea Massacre is contactable via Twitter @CatfleaMassacre

Wyatt Pauley: guitar/vocals/producer/Song-writer is a blend of Rock & Roll and Americana music. He has toured the world and emerged from the South Florida music scene in the Early 90's in the pop group “Linear” achieving a Billboard top 5 single with “Sending All My Love,” certified Gold in the US & Platinum, Colombia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Chile, and the Philippines. Wyatt went to Catholic school in Fort Lauderdale and have stayed close friends with Charlie Pennachio since. After “Linear,” he recorded and toured with “King Bria” opening for bands like “Hootie and the Blowfish” and “Brother Cane,” and reunited in “SoKo”, on Atlantic Records and received warm welcome and moderate success from the Midwestern US. After “SoKo” Wyatt, disheartened by a stagnant local music scene, began strumming and writing, taking pages from his life and blending His various musical styles.

Jazz Drummer, bandleader, broadcaster, writer and historian, John Petters has been a professional jazz musician and promoter for over 40 years. He specialises in early jazz and swing music. He has recorded with many American legends of jazz, including Wild Bill Davison and Art Hodes and with leading Brits such as George Chisholm OBE, Humphrey Lyttelton and Ken Colyer.

He has over 40 albums to his credit, several of which were released by the New Orleans based “Jazzology” label.

American Blues pianist Art Hodes said that John was “carrying the torch we lit”.

Contact john at

Finn Ryder is host of The Golden Oldie show and Finn's Juke Box.  Finn has been with SoundofSpitfire since 2018, his Golden Oldie show features hits from the 1950s & 1960s and his Juke Box is full of tracks that span the decades.  With an encyclopedic knowledge of the era, Finn gives the listeners loads of background information and facts about the bands and artists he plays.  Finn has a Facebook Show Page that can be found here

Dave Edwards is the 1970s guru!  Host of That Seventies Sound, Dave brings you the best music from the decade.  Regular features include, Movie Magic, the Disco 12inch Remix, TV Times and The Music Chain Quiz.  Each week the show has a theme within which Dave manages to link all of the tunes together.  That Seventies Sound can be first heard on Saturday at 5pm with repeats Monday 1pm and Thursday 7pm.  Dave can be contacted by email at

Mal Williams is not only a presenter, but also a co-owner of XLR Radio based in Kent, UK.  Mal presents The Time Tunnel where he delves back into times gone by to bring great music and information

Steve Benz is based in the USA and has over 25yrs experience in radio broadcasting.  Steve hosts The B-Side and co-hosts OutLoud, where his mix of zany humour and encyclopaedic knowledge of music are bound to entertain.  

Guest Presenters

Gary Mills is a musician with a passion for new music.  Being an integral member of the Norfolk based Indie band Vix20 he really knows a great tune when he hears it.  Gary hosts a monthly show on SoundofSpitfire which broadcasts on the first Sunday evening of each month.  Called the Vix Essentials Show, Gary hand-picks tracks that are new in the world of Indie and showcases them with the world.  Gary can be contacted on Twitter via @VixTwenty or @Vix20C 

Stef is rumoured to be from the planet Earth, but no one has managed to get close enough to her in the wild yet to determine this for certain.  Previously hailing from the Midwestern U.S.A., Stef has a deep passion and respect for science and the natural world.  She can occasionally be spotted with mic-in-hand, popping out from behind a virtual shrubbery to bring you “Earthrise and Fireflies”, a show which features some of her quirky and unusual music collection that ranges form the comedic to the nerdy, from the satirically biting to the warm and fuzzy, and from next door to across our very-much-round globe.  Stef’s primary musical goal is to share with you her excitement about our Universe, and all of the awesome and terrifying stuff that exists within it.

Zandra Tiitso is originally from Sweden and now resident in the UK.  She has a wide variety of musical tastes and a great knowledge of the Scandinavian band scene .  Once in a while she hosts "The Random Show" which does exactly what it says on the tin - it's completely random, but produces some amazing results - Keep an eye on Social Media for when Zandra is next behind the microphone!